Onda is a compact conveyor belt for curves, particularly resistant and adequate for every type of application, even those that characterized by high speed and heavy loads.

  • Available in several widths and radius.
  • Built to be long-lasting, even in difficult environments
  • Mantainance works very simple and rapid
  •  Almost every weight transportable, from 1 until 400 kg/m2
  •  Faster than 60 MT/MIN in terms of speed
  • It avoids the interruptions during the production and the stops in functioning
  •  Curves with size from 35° until 260°
  •  Width of the conveyor belt from 200 up to 1600MM (200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600mm)
  •  Very limited internal radius (example: width 1600MM = R 600mm, see table)


Major applications: 

Sacks conveyng

  • Products for buildings: cement,gypsum,adhesives
  • Agricolture: fertilizer, seeds,grains,dung
  • Grain's and powder's chemical products
  • Products for human and pet food: rice,sugar,flour


  • Hubs for express couriers and parcel posts


  • Cartons, bags, shrinked-wrapped packs, boxes, cases

 Wood industry and furniture

  • Panels, furniture assembling


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