All of the sales undertaken by us are subject to defined conditions of sale and warranty, as listed below.

The prices of our offers and sale's confirmation are in the euro currency, at their net value and disregarding transportation related costs.

The processing of orders takes place only after our confirmation and made in writing.

The products' delivery time has to be thought as approximate and it does not represent any obligation for us. Any delay is subject to acceptance by the client and it won't grant the client with the right to annul an order or claim a refund.

The client is liable for the products' delivery, even if operated by us.

The right of the client to make any claim, in case of defects, is strictly restricted to the period of eight days after the products' supply. Claims have to be declared in written.

All products supplied remain our property until fully paid, and until that time we hold the entirety of the property rights on the stock itself.

We hold the right to process or refuse any received order, according to its own judgement.

Claims under our guarantee are only accepted once the supply is fully paid.

Our products are guaranteed for a period of twelve months, on a single shift, six months for double shift and three months for twenty-four hour operation per day. All dates are calculated from the date of despatch.

The guarantee consists in the free replacement and/or repair of items' parts that we recognize as faulty, broken or defective. In case of assured identification of a problem in a product of ours, Italconveyors will substitute exclusively the defective part and it is not liable for any possible physical or material accidents that the damage may have caused. The defective materials have to be delivered directly to us, at the client's cost and, after being replaced, they will be sent back to the client at our cost. The client will be charged for mounting and dismounting operations. The guarantee doesn't include Labour expenditures carried out by us at the client's site, such as transportation costs, as well as technical parts which are subject to wear, like conveyor belts, Wear Strips and electric motors.

No liability is accepted for defects due to; incorrect usage, faulty installation, incorrect positioning, accidental damages of any type, incorrect work mediums, incorrect operations such as overloading, usage of dangerous chemical products, presence of flames or electric charges, lack of regular cleaning and maintenance procedures which may limit usage.

In case of alteration or replacement of the supplied products carried out independently by the client without prior consent of us concludes immediately Italconveyor's liability.